Welcome to my Maryland homestead site. I’m a photographer, antique collector, and artist who loves to garden, prepare homemade meals, photograph them and share them with you.  I have a bachelors degree in Photography and Art History. I love to paint and create with mixed media, acrylics, grouche, etc. I also shoot landscape and floral photography in my garden. All of my nature photography is for sale. Just contact me if interested.

Why am I so interested in growing my own food and making my own soaps? Health. Simple as that. I pay attention to what I put into and onto my body. I read a lot about farming and gardening. I’m interested in heirloom vegetables that were grown hundreds of years ago. I want to feed my family real food and I feel better when I eat better. I also watch a lot of you tube channels on homesteading. Some of my favorite channels are Simple Living Alaska, and Sow the Land if you are interested in checking out those homesteads.

I enjoy a back to basics approach to life. Under my blog you will see recipes and how-to posts on canning and preserving food. (coming soon) You can also see many of my freelance photography projects on my blog. Photography is my main source of income and I have experience in all different types of photography from food photography to weddings, and product photography.

Quail Creek Antiques on Etsy is where I sell my vintage and antique jewelry and decor. Please visit Quail Creek Antiques and follow my shop! I will be adding homemade items in the future including homemade goats milk soaps. For now you can shop vintage costume jewelry in my Etsy shop! #quailcreekantiques

I also photograph weddings, portraits and events in Southern Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland. You can view this work under my photography tab above.

My website is currently under construction as I add food photography, recipes, farm and garden photos and my artwork.

Thanks for visiting and please follow me on Instagram at #QuailCreekAntiques #QuailCreekHomestead

Contact: QuailCreekHomestead@gmail.com