For those of you who say you don’t like squash, I urge you to try this. It is so simple (as most of my recipes are). All you have to do is pick up a spaghetti squash at your local farm stand, or grocery store. They may look small, but they make a ton of “noodles”. One spaghetti squash can feed four to six people. Cut the squash directly down the middle. Use a spoon to carve out the seeds in the middle. You can just compost or toss the seeds. Lay the halves on a baking sheet and brush with olive oil. Salt lightly. Bake for half an hour. Take them out and put on some oven mits because you will need to hold the squash while you use a fork to scrape out the insides. The fork will make the baked squash shred into “noodles.” If you have a gluten allergy this is the perfect thing to supplement real noodles. Now you have your noodles all scraped out of the squash skins, so top them with some of your favorite marinara and a little shredded cheese. I used my homemade vegetable tomato sauce with roasted zucchini and cherry tomatoes. That’s shredded parmesan on top. Enjoy!
Zucchini and tomatoes purchased from Brown’s Orchard’s, PA.